Club Constitution

Basildon Athletic Club Constitution and Rules

1)  Name

The name of the Club shall be Basildon Athletics Club here in after called “the Club”

2)  Objective

Objectives of the Club shall be

2.1   To encourage amateur athletics for all age groups as defined by UKA

2.2   To make arrangements for appropriate competition

2.3   To achieve these objectives within rules of UKA

2.4   To provide a high standard of coaching support

3)  Colours

The Club colours shall be Yellow and Royal Blue

4)  Headquarters

The headquarters of the Club are Basildon Sporting Village, Gloucester Park Basildon SS14 3GR

5)  Management

The management of the club shall be vested in a General Committee which shall be made up of the following

5.1   Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and such Team Managers, Section Secretaries                                              and other administrative officers as shall be deemed necessary by the AGM

5.2   All shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting

5.3   Any liability which may be imposed on the club shall be divided among all members and not fall on any individual Committee Member

6)  General Committee Meeting

6.1   The general committee meeting shall aim to meet once a month

6.2   At least seven day notice shall be given to all members

6.3   A minimum number of committee members required to form a quorum at all club committee meetings is three

6.4   Any member of the committee absenting themselves from three consecutive meetings without offering a reasonable excuse, maybe deemed to have resigned

Their position. A letter shall be sent to the absentee by the secretary to inform them of the clubs decision

6.5   Voting shall be by a show of hands based on simple majority

6.6   In an equality of votes the Chairman shall have the casting vote

6.7   Every member of the general committee shall be entitled to a vote

6.8   Minutes shall be kept of all general committee meetings and all other general meetings of the club. These shall be signed off at the next meeting by the Chairman of the meeting as a true record of the meeting. The minutes shall be retained by the General Secretary

7)  Powers of the General Committee

7.1 The General Committee shall have the power to make any policy decision concerning the management of the affairs of the Club, consistent with the Club Rules and Constitution

7.2   To fill any vacancy that may arise

7.3   To set up a Sub-Committee to investigate any special items, but such committees shall report their findings back to the General Committee

7.4   To co-opt onto the General Committee anyone who may be able to help

8)  Membership

8.1   Membership of the Club is open to all without discrimination and may only be refused where admission to membership would be contrary to the best interests of the sport or the good conduct and interests of the Club. No person shall be denied membership of the Club on the grounds of race, ethnic origin, colour, age, disability, sex, occupation, sexual orientation, religion, political or other beliefs.

8.2   Membership of the Club shall be made up of President, Vice Presidents, Life Presidents, Ordinary Members and Associate Members

8.3   A “Member” shall be any person who has been admitted and obtained membership of the Club in any capacity

8.4   The President / Vice President shall be those persons invited to serve as such by the general committee and approved at the AGM. The President shall serve for a period of two years

8.5   A Life Member shall be a member who in the opinion on the General Committee has served the Club meritoriously over a period of ten years and deserves to be offered such a membership

8.6   Life membership shall be approved by the General Committee for election at the AGM of the Club

8.7   One month’s notice shall be given to the General Secretary of a proposal of a member for the position of a Life Member

8.8   A Life Member shall make no donation unless he/she so wishes

8.9   An Associate Member shall be a non-active competitor of the Club

8.10   An ordinary member shall be over the age of eleven in the current season whom pays the appropriate full subscription whether he/she is active or not

9)  Subscriptions

9.1   Membership subscription shall become due on the 1st April of each year

9.2   New Members shall become due on joining the Club

9.3   Subscription shall be agreed at the most recent AGM or Special meeting

9.4   Any member who joins the Club after the 1st of October shall pay 50% of the full membership subscription fee

9.5   The membership Secretary shall issue a receipt for each subscription received and this constitutes proof of membership for that year

10)  Annual General Meeting

10.1   The Annual General Meeting shall take place in the month of April

10.2   Its purpose shall be to carry out General Club business

10.3   The Agenda shall include the following

10.3. 1   Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting

10.3. 2   Chairman Report

10.3. 3   Treasurers Report

10.3. 4   Election and retirement of Officers

10.3. 5   Any other business

10.4   The General Secretary shall give three week notice to all members of the Club

The date and venue of the AGM

10.5   Any items for the AGM agenda shall be placed in the hands of the general secretary fourteen days prior to the meeting

10.6   At any AGM only the business of the agenda shall be discussed

10.7   Only fully paid up members for the preceding year shall be eligible to vote at the AGM or any other General Meeting of the Club

11)  Extraordinary General Meeting

11.1   EGM may be called by the General Secretary within fourteen days of the receipt of a request in writing signed by at least five members of the Club stating the business to be brought before such a meeting

11.2   The General Secretary shall give at least seven day notice to every member of the Club of the time and venue of any Special General Meeting and the business to be transacted and no other business shall be discussed

12)  Alteration to the Rules

12.1   No alteration or additions to the rules may be made except at a the AGM or a Special Meeting called for that purpose

12.2   No rules may be altered unless two thirds of the members are in favour of the motion. Voting shall be by a show of hands

12.3   Notice of any proposed amendments must be given as provided in rule 11 and 12

13)  Arrears and Expulsion

13.1   The General Committee shall have the power to expel any member whose subscription is six months in arrears, provided a month notice in writing shall have been sent to such a member by recorded delivery letter addressed to his/her last known address informing him/her of the proposed action of the General Committee

13.2   A member whose subscription is in arrears shall not be eligible to represent the club, or train, or take part in any competition promoted by the Club

14)  Resignation

14.1   A member intending to withdraw from the Club shall give notice in writing to the General Secretary and his/her membership terminated on the day of notice unless he/she is financially indebted to the Club in which case the General Committee may withhold acceptance of the resignation until he/she has discharged their liability to the Club

14.2   A member not having tendered their resignation before the 31st of March is liable to the ensuing year subscription

15)  Finance

15.1   A bank account shall be opened and maintained in the name of the Club. Designated account signatories shall be two of the following Chairman. Treasurer, General Secretary and one other

15.2   The Clubs financial year shall be from 1st January to the 31st December

15.3   Accounts must be audited at the end of the financial year by the auditor selected at the AGM

16)  Club Records

Club records must be ratified by the General Committee. The Committee must be satisfied that the record was set under UKA rules and conditions

17)  Child Protection

17.1   The Club shall have a Child Protection Policy and appoint a Child Protection officers

17.2   The Policy shall be available to all members and issued to all coaches and officials

18)  Coaching Code of Conduct

18.1   The Club shall have a Coaching Code of Conduct

18.2   The Code of Conduct shall be available to members and issued to all Coaches who must agree to abide by the code

19)  Dissolution

The Club may only be dissolved by Special Resolution at a General Meeting. Any surplus assets must be applied for the Objects of the Club transferred to another organisation whose purposes are the same as or similar to the Club or by default as directed by England Athletics

All previous Constitution and Rules of the Club are hereby expressly revoked

Dated July 2016