International Potential Grants

Why have this procedure?

This procedure is required to assist the very talented athletes at the club who are deemed ‘International Potential’. The club feels that in today’s world with such ease of communication it is possible that the talented athletes from the club could have their head turned by one of the larger Athletic Clubs offering incentives.

How does it work?

An athlete can be nominated by a coach or member of the club for the award but the Committee’s decision will be final. Generally to be deemed ‘International Potential’ some of the following Criteria needs to be met:

  • Medallist at the National Championship’s (age Group) for the event.
  • Showing top level consistency throughout the season (not a 1-off performance)
  • Showing the right competitive spirit and application in training (example to others)
  • Top 5 ranked in Power of 10 for the event/age group
  • Willing to compete at venues a fair distance outside the County of Essex
  • Aged between 16 years of age and upwards (15 year olds rising to 16 in the next 6 months can be considered)

How does one apply?

These are usually recommended by coaches or officers of the club committee. There will be an International Potential Grant meeting held towards year end by the Club Committee. Although they can be granted any time of the year depending on individual development and the club does not have to wait exclusively for year end. There will need to be at least 3 committee members agreeing the grant and within reason the criteria above would need to be met.

Criteria used will be that highlighted in the bullet points shown under ‘How Does it work?’

How much will the grant be?

Usually from £100 up to a maximum of £500 – the circumstances will be reviewed and the level of grant reviewed on an individual case by case basis.

What is expected of the athlete receiving a grant?

Athletes are expected to represent Basildon AC in a ‘good light’ and not bring the club into disrepute.
The Athlete would be expected to wear the official club vest whenever possible (except when on international duty or representing their county or area – any other extenuating circumstance will be taken into account)

How will the monies be paid?

The club will keep the money in a fund under the athlete’s name and it will be administered by the treasurer. Monies requested by the funded athlete will be transferred across to their Bank account (Or parents if they do not have one) accordingly. This could also be the case for coaches having payments made on the behalf of the athlete. We do understand the coaches can sometimes organise training, accommodation and transport for the funded athletes.