Movement of Athletes Between Coaches

Why have this procedure?

This procedure is required to manage the movement of athletes within the club between the various coaches. This is a necessity due to a varying number of reasons and some examples are listed below:

  • The athlete feels they have out grown the coach
  • The coach feels they can no longer handle or support the best interests of the athlete
  • The athlete has developed to a level where moving to a different and possibly more mature or higher training group will reap the rewards
  • The athlete has fallen out with the coach and the relationship is not working to the level it should
  • The coach has fallen out with the athlete and the relationship is not working to the level it should

Note: This list is not comprehensive but covers a number of scenarios that are possible.

Handling the athletes moves well:

This has been written to ensure the process is followed in a fair and mutually agreed manner between departing coach, athlete and new coach and without detriment to any of the parties involved and to allow Basildon AC to act as mediators to all parties.

Basildon AC accepts it has a duty of care to both athlete and coach and this process is written to help ensure the following:

  • To ensure coaching continuity in the athlete’s development
  • To ensure least stressful process for the athlete and coach
  • Decisions to be made by a ‘coaching committee’ to remove awkward personal situations
  • Less stress on the coaches involved (hopefully less falling out)
  • The process will be based on the best way forward for the athlete, coach and also the club

The form below will need to be completed and passed to a member of the Committee or Head of Coaching.

You may request a private meeting if preferred and the form can be completed with the Committee member in attendance if anyone is unsure how to complete – staff will be on hand to make this a smooth process.

Process once the form is completed:

Once the form has been completed and passed to the Committee it will be dealt with in 1 week (7 days). A formal meeting may be called and Basildon AC will mediate with at least 3 members of the Committee/Head Coach.

Note: Basildon AC decision will be final but will be subject to appeal which must be submitted in writing (email is acceptable) again within 7 days (we do not want to dwell/ prolong our decision)

In the event of this process resulting in poor behaviour either prior or following the decision Basildon AC has the right to follow the disciplinary process noted in the Complaints Procedure SP2.