Rule 144(2)

Query Rule 144(2), Assisting athletes

Rule 144(2), highlighted in bold Italic,  clearer definition of rule has been asked for, as it seems to suggest, that clubmates could be disqualified for offering each other help during their event?

Any athlete giving or receiving assistance from within the competition area during an event shall be warned by the Referee and advised that, if there is any repetition, he will be disqualified from that event.

UKA reply….

According to the strict reading of the rule, yes, his interpretation is correct, but I have never cautioned an athlete for it. What I have done is remind athletes that they shouldn’t be doing it, for example at the pole vault, where one athlete will stand near the stands and indicate the wind to suggest when the athlete should take his attempt. Most of the time, the advice wouldn’t be overt as in this case, but would be discussion while athletes are waiting between trials, when officials can’t and don’t really want to know what is being said. In this sort of case, there wouldn’t be any reason to intervene.